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mobile spy for iphone 5The Best Phone Spy Software You Can Get for iPhone 5

Apple’s iPhone 5 is probably the most popular smartphone on the market today and full of technical innovations to include a wide range of apps that can be installed on it. However the iPhone 5 can also be used as a surveillance device for good reasons as you will see below and the phone spy software from Mobile Spy is just the solution to provide the information that you need to get to the truth about those you care for or look after.

The Buyers of Mobile Spy

There are three typical classes of buyers when it comes to Mobile Spy phone spy software. These are:

  • Parents
  • Employers
  • Spouses with a suspicion

Parents who buy an iPhone 5 for their children will no doubt want to know that they are not using the smartphone to cover their tracks when it comes to mischief and misdeeds.

Oftentimes, when kids get a smartphone of this caliber, they use it to chat with friends that you would rather they not associate with, spend hours chatting at the expense of valuable study time, view inappropriate websites, and other troublesome situations. This is why you need the Mobile Spy phone spy app running on their iPhone 5.

In the same manner, employers that invest in this expensive smartphone for their employees want to ensure that it used within the guidelines of company policy. Employees might be tempted to spend many working hours each day chatting on the iPhone 5’s iMessage instant messenger and without Mobile Spy you as an employer would never know.

The last typical buyer is the spouse who suspects his partner is having an affair. Install the Mobile Spy cell phone spy app on her smartphone and you will begin to find out what is really happening while your partner is away for long hours each night.

Proof in the Mobile Spy Features

When you view the website offering the phone spy software from Mobile Spy, the first thing that stands out is the product’s long list of features. Some of the main features with relation to the monitored iPhone 5s are:

  • Collection of the incoming and outgoing call log
  • Viewing SMS, email, and messages from iMessage sent and received along with full text
  • Logging of all web browser activity
  • GPS tracker to track the device’s location history
  • Hooks into the contacts file
  • Collection of all calendar activities
  • A profile of apps installed

This list is not all-inclusive. There are more features to this product as well but you get the point that Mobile Spy phone spy software is among the most robust products in its class.

live control panel for iphone

The Features That Set Mobile Spy Apart

There are two features that set the Mobile Spy phone spy product apart from its competitors and these are:

  • Live Control Panel
  • 7-day free trial

The Live Control Panel adds real-time tracking to the monitored cell phone and with it you can get current GPS location, view the screen of the device, listen in on the device’s surroundings, and even take a stealth photo from the smartphone’s camera. Only Mobile Spy offers a feature such as this.

Then they offer a 7-day free trial which allows you to test drive Mobile Spy phone spy software with absolutely no risk. This is not a reduced-feature trial such as offered by some vendors. This is the full product to include support.

How Does Mobile Spy Work?

To get the Mobile Spy cell phone spy up and running you only need to go through 5 simple steps:

1. Purchase a subscription from the Mobile Spy website.

2. Get control of the iPhone. Mobile spy cannot be installed remotely so you need to get control of the physical device that will be monitored. It is best to install the spy software before you give it to your child or employee.

3. Jailbreak the iPhone. This is required by Mobile Spy cell phone spy software because it needs access to parts of the iOS operating system not typically made available to apps available from Apple’s App Store.

4. Download and install Mobile Spy on the device.

5. Log in to your subscriber control panel and study the information as it comes in.

By now you can see the power of Mobile Spy and why it is the best phone spy software you can have running on an iPhone 5. With Mobile Spy’s offer of a 7-day free trial, you cannot go wrong giving it a try. Even after that, you can subscribe for only 3 months at $49.97 and keep trying out at a minimal expense. Visit the Mobile Spy website and find out more before you give a cell phone to your child or employee.

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