10 Tips for Spying on a Cell Phone

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Cell Phone Spying Tips

There are several cell phone spying software programs on the market today and while all seem to be the same on the surface with their call, message, and location tracking features they each have their own distinct options. Whatever product that you chose, you want to not only pick the one that will fit your needs but also know how to get the most out of it. Here are a few tips for doing this.

1. Always know what you are using the cell phone spy software for.

If you don’t identify up front what you will be using cell phone spy software for then you won’t know what features are important to you. For example, if you need to do live GPS location tracking in the event a phone is lost or stolen then you want to choose a software that can handle location tracking near real-time and not only from a historical perspective.

2. Use the software within legal parameters.

You cannot install a cell phone spyware on your coworker’s phone for fun and laughs or to invade his privacy. Typical legal uses of spy software are for monitoring your children with smartphones and your employees with company-issued smartphones.

3. Make sure all installation tracks are covered.

If you want to maintain the full stealth features of cell phone spy software then check the phone after installation to ensure that there are no icons or files remaining.

4. Back up your data.

Some cell phone spy apps have backup features but most allow you to export the data in CSV, XLS, or PDF format. Check the data retention requirements of your spy software service provider to see how long you can store data in your subscriber account.

5. Have a plan if the monitored cell phone is lost or stolen.

With an expensive smartphone, you certainly wouldn’t want to have no control if it is lost or stolen. Thus, you want to make a plan in the event this happens and choose cell phone tracking software that has features to carry out your plan. Some makers of this software provide you with commands so that you can lock the monitored phone, uninstall the spy app, and wipe its data content clean if you cannot recover it.

6. Store login credentials safely.

Keep not only the login credentials to your subscriber control panel in a safe place but also the codes given to you for accessing the spy software on the monitored cell phone.

7. Use proactive measures where you can.

Choose cell phone spy software that allows you to configure triggers for notifications. These could be keywords, geo locations, and calls to and from certain numbers. For example, some products allow you to define words related to profanity and drug activity, thus when they are used in text messages on the monitored phone you get alerted.

8. Export information for custom reporting.

This becomes especially useful if you are using spy software to monitor business smartphones. When the software has the capability to export data in CSV or XLS format, you can import it into applications such as Microsoft Excel and design all sorts of customized reports. One useful report is a utilization report to determine employees who need smartphones and those who don’t.

9. Evaluate the cell phone spy software where you can.

Look for products that have free trials, money back guarantees, or short subscription options at a nominal fee. While cell phone spy software runs reliably on smartphones, it could be that you decide that you need something more and with an evaluation period you can back out of one product and try another before making your final decision.

10. Adopt a “help” mentality where appropriate.

Cell phone spy software is not totally about secretly watching someone. Look for it to be used as a help tool as well. For example, if your teenager gets lost in some strange neighborhood you can help her find her way back home through the GPS tracking feature. If an employee’s company-issued smartphone is lost or stolen, you can use the spy software tools to recover it.

These 10 tips should help you get the most from whatever cell phone spy software you decide to purchase. Keep these tips on hand for spying on a cell phone.