How Does Cell Phone Spy Software Work?

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Shopping for the right cell phone spy software can be a bit confusing. There are many features, pricing options, and companies to choose from. It is important that you understand how the software works, and how it could benefit your family. Once you see the big picture of what makes this software so amazing, you will be convinced that this is the answer you have been looking for in regards to cell phone safety.

There are numerous spy software companies, but they all work the same. You may notice some differences in the way the software is set-up or reported, but the overall function of the cell phone spy is the same.

The Online Dashboard

This is the main area of the spy system. The account holder will log into the dashboard to see all the details that the cell phone spy has recorded. You can also control your account setting from this area.

mobile spy dashboard

Mobile Spy Dashboard

The only time you will have to physically have the device is during installation. All activity is recorded remotely.

There will be a number of functions that can be performed from the dashboard.

  • Download and review all the activity logs, such as recordings, photos, videos, messages or logs directly to your PC.
  • Set up alerts and notifications, such as lock or unlock the phone, start recordings, interrupt cell phone usage and even delete the software.
  • Access all your account settings and manage your payment options.

It is truly a simple concept, but is built on the most advanced technology available. It all begins with compatibility and internet access. Without these factors in place, the software would not be functional.

Since they are vital to the functioning of the software, they can also be the root of software issues.


You will have to physically access the cell phone to install the software. After the software is installed all monitoring is done remotely. You will have to log into the cell phone spy’s online control panel to access all activity logs.

In order for the software to function correctly, there are some things you must do. It is very important that the user’s cell phone is compatible with the software, otherwise monitoring will not work correctly. All cell phone spy apps have to be physically downloaded to the device. Any company that claims installation can be done remotely is a scam.


In order for the cell phone spy to work, or even be downloaded, the device must be compatible. All the softwares will have a comprehensive list of compatible devices. It is very important that you ensure the user’s phone is on the list. The higher quality software companies will have a large variety of compatibility.


Although, compatibility will vary among spy softwares, all the top softwares will have a large variety including popular cell phones, such as Blackberry, Android, iPhone, Windows Mobile or Symbian OS based Smartphones.

Also, all iPhones or iPads must be Jailbroken before the software is installed. Rooting for an android is not always necessary, but may need to be done for some of the advanced features to function properly.

Internet Access

InternetThe software can only function properly with a dependable internet connection. All activity will depend on internet. The cell phone spy will not be able to transfer activity logs to the dashboard without a reliable connection.

The dashboard can only be viewed through the internet. If there is a lapse in the connection it could delay reports being transferred to the dashboard.

If you are having issues with your software, it could be cause by installation errors, compatibility issues, and bad internet connections.


The cell phone monitoring software offers a variety of features that records detail logs about the users cell phone activity. To ensure the software can function correctly, it is important to have a device that is compatible, have a good internet connection, and ensure the software is installed properly.