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Note: The hidden version of Mobile Spy is no longer available. Find out more…

Mobile Spy is a leader in the industry of providing robust software applications for cell phone monitoring and tracking. If you have a loved one or employee with a cell phone in your charge then you have every reason to be concerned that the device is not used to their detriment or yours.

Mobile Spy is an app where you must try out all of the features before you buy it so that you can appreciate just how powerful this package is. The company is confident that you will be thoroughly impressed thus they give you a full (not scaled down) seven-day free trial of the product.

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A Robust Trial

Oftentimes, software developers offer trials that are scaled down to a level where you don’t really get a “feel” of the product. This is not the case with the Mobile Spy free trial. This is a full-scale unrestricted trial that includes:

  • Support
  • Documentation
  • Use of all software features
  • LIVE Control Panel
  • Usage of the same account after your purchase

Basically, you get to do a full test drive of everything including the LIVE Control Panel which is an optional add-on with the basic Mobile Spy product. Once you have tested out the LIVE Control Panel you will more than likely look no further and subscribe right away.

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Full Support

Trial support is a misnomer because it is actually full support for the seven-day period. Thus you get:

  • Live technical support
  • Online information that you can search on
  • The ability to recover your download
  • Access for opening an online support ticket

When you cannot find the answers to your questions on the Mobile Spy website there is live technical support. You have two options for getting live support. One is voice and the other is live chat.

It is always helpful to have a thorough set of written documentation that can be searched on when you have questions about a product. Such is the case with Mobile Spy. Its written documentation can be accessed from its support page and you can search on a thorough set of frequently asked questions to get the answers that you need.

Full Documentation

Since you get a full trial, you also get full documentation for installing and using Mobile Spy software. The documentation covers:

  • Administrative information
  • Receiving/viewing target phone (the phone you are monitoring) logs
  • Using control panels (both LIVE and default)
  • Sending SMS commands

Administrative information in the documentation deals with reading and accepting the legal terms of the product, registering your trial subscription, downloading the Mobile Spy app for the target phone, and performing any required configuration steps.

Use of All Features

Mobile Spy SettingsOnce you have installed and configured the app on the target phone, you immediately begin receiving logs from it and have access to them through the control panel. You get access to every bit of information with the free trial that you would with a paid subscription such as logs pertaining to:

  • SMS messages
  • Emails sent/received
  • Calendar and tasks
  • Memos
  • Received/outgoing calls
  • Other Apps installed
  • Chats
  • Photos taken

With chat applications, you set the configuration to view logs from the various instant messenger apps such as Google Talk, Yahoo, Windows Live, AIM, WhatsApp, and others.

LIVE Control Panel

The Mobile Spy free trial comes with trial access to its LIVE Control Panel which extends the default control panel and adds features that allow real time monitoring of the target phone. With a paid subscription, LIVE Control Panel is an optional add-on available for a nominal fee.

With the LIVE Control Panel you get the ability to:

  • See what is currently on the target phone’s screen
  • Pinpoint the current location of the target phone with GPS
  • Take a stealth photo from the phone at your remote command
  • Initiate listening to the phone’s surroundings
  • Lock and unlock the phone
  • Sound an alarm on the phone

And there are many more capabilities that you get with this add-on. LIVE Control Panel completes the loop of giving you total control of the target phone.

Easy to Transition to a Paid Subscription

Oftentimes, other software vendors have you re-register when you transition from a free trial to a paid subscription. This is not the case with Mobile Spy. When you decide to pay the subscription, it is a seamless transition and your free trial account merely switches to a regular account. Thus, you have no break service.

As you can see, Mobile Spy is a feature-rich cell phone spy software that allows you to silently monitor and track a smartphone. Download the Mobile Spy free trial and get started today.

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