Protecting Your Children with a Cell Phone Spy Software

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Parental MonitoringWhile not a replacement for sound parenting, cell phone monitoring software can be among the top tools needed to be the best parent one can possibly be. Your children carry smartphones so why not use these devices to be another set of eyes to look after them even when you cannot be there.

This is what the makers of cell phone tracking software provide: another set of eyes. They go by trade names such as mSpy, Mobile Spy, MobiStealth, StealthGenie, and others and their apps do this work silently on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian, and Windows Mobile smartphones.

When There is No Cell Phone Spyware

When there is no cell phone spy, your children can get into all sorts of mischief and you will never know. Some examples of what you as a parent will experience in this situation are:

  • Uncertainty about their whereabouts
  • Worry over the influence of their peers
  • Concern over their study habits
  • Fear that they are being stalked
  • Worry over internet influences

Cell phone tracking software puts an end to your worries and fears by using the smartphone that your children carry as a spying device but for a far more reasonable cost than expensive surveillance equipment.

What Cell Phone Tracking Software Does

Cell phone spy software typically has features that can be of tremendous help for you as a parent. These run on the monitored smartphone and report the following information:

  • GPS tracking both historically and current
  • Full text of all messages exchanged via email, SMS, and free chatting apps like WhatsApp, iMessage, BBM, and others
  • Reporting of changes made to the contacts file
  • Logging of all videos and photos taken
  • Reporting of incoming/outgoing call identification information such as date/time of call along with contact
  • Recording of calls
  • Interception of calls, certain words in text, and certain app and websites accessed
  • Blocking of website access, incoming calls, and app access

There is more that can be added to this list, but as a parent, you already see how useful a cell phone spy can be.

Features Helpful for Parenting

How can the phone spy features mentioned above help you as a parent? You can probably see ways already. With cell phone monitoring software running on your child’s smartphone you get truths as to the activities of the user. Some of these truths include:
stealthgenie gps tracking

  1. You’ll see where your child actually is as opposed to what he is telling you. Example: GPS tracking says he is at a video arcade when he is supposed to be at school.
  2. New friends will no longer be kept a secret from you.
  3. You can see all text messages but especially the inappropriate ones that make references to buying drugs or going to parties where alcohol is available.
  4. The nature of videos and pictures your teenager is taking. Are they appropriate or inappropriate?

There are several other situations that can be added to the list. The features provided by cell phone spy software make for versatile solutions.

Cell Phone Tracking Helps You Be Proactive

Some cell phone tracking apps also allow for filtering and blocking via commands and settings from the subscriber’s control panel. A feature such as this helps you be a proactive parent. Examples of filtering and blocking include:

  • Detecting certain pre-defined keywords in text messages
  • Flagging an incoming call that matches a number in a blocked call list
  • Sending alerts when the cell phone enters a subscriber-defined restricted zone
  • Restricting use of the smartphone to certain hours of the day.
  • Blocking time wasting apps from being used
  • Preventing access to inappropriate websites

Being a proactive parent is always preferable to being reactive because problems can be dealt with before they become almost unsolvable. Thus, if you want to be proactive pick a spy software with some or all of these features.

Get Up and Running


It’s easy to get up and running with cell phone tracking software. All you need to do is choose and purchase the product that suits your needs and then do the following:

Step1: Get control of your child’s smartphone

Step2: Download the app to the smartphone per the vendor’s instructions

Step3: Install the spy app

Step4: Begin viewing the information from your secure subscriber control panel

It is probably easiest to install the cell phone tracking app on your child’s smartphone before you turn it over to her. This way, there is the least likelihood that it will be detected as it runs in full stealth mode while it tracks all your child’s activities.

Take advantage of the second set of eyes that a cell phone spy app offers. Visit Best Phone Spy Reviews and find out more before you become inundated with problems resulting from not knowing the truth about your child.